"I met Mike Burdick about 10 year ago when I first acquired a piece of property in Silverdale. I started to query some friends in the community about a potential builder and I found Mike has a wonderful reputation. He has been building quality homes in Kitsap County for over 20 years.

In my encounters with Mike, I found him to be honest and hard working with a strong work ethic. He was well organized and kept me well informed throughout the building project. Mike paid careful attention to details and delivered a beautiful custom home at the promised time of completion. I have no reservation in recommending Mike for any construction or remodeling projects. Please call me if you have any questions about Burdick Construction, Inc."
Yuen San Yee, M.D.

"I have known Mike Burdick for over 20 years. First as a customer then as a friend. I finance numerous houses that he built on speculation and as customs. I never encountered any situation where Mike wasn't reasonable and willing to make things right for his customer. Mike takes great pride in quality work at a reasonable price.

Mike Burdick built our dream house in 1984 We were so excited with the quality of work, the extensive use of wood trim, attention to detail, and the great help Mike provided during the design time. Having a knowledgeable builder involved during the design time helps to eliminate costly design features that usually don't appear until after the architect has been paid.

Quality finish work cannot cover up errors that occurred during the framing stage. Mike pays attention to details during all phases of construction.

Mike is direct and honest. If he feels you are adding features that are too costly or not functional he will let you know."
Robert Sovern

"Mike Burdick built our home over the winter of 1993-1994. We have been very satisfied with it ever since. We survived the earthquake of 2001 without a scratch. We still think of Mike as a true friend."
George & Beth McCullough

"Mike's innate ability to pay personal attention to his client's lifestyle accompanied by his superior knowledge of quality products, has given us a home that we're extremely proud of and one that we have received many compliments on. Mike was up-front, honest, on time and handled all details promptly and professionally."
Robert and Carolyn Loidhamer

"Obviously, quality work, meeting deadlines and staying within the budget are three of the most important aspects of any construction project. Mike met all of these without any problem. If that was all he provided, it would have been exceptional. However, what really impressed me was how he handled unusual challenges. The architect called for rounded walls, glass block and multi-level ceilings. Part of the special ceiling began to sag, but Mike didn't miss a beat: he quickly figured out how to reinforce the structure and kept us on schedule. Any construction project can quickly become a nightmare when an unforeseen circumstance is encountered. Mike's experience and dedication overcame all the obstacles and the finished project is outstanding."
Michael Philbrick, DVM
President/CEO - Animal Intelligence Software

"We hired Burdick Construction, Inc. to do a project for Paratransit Services because we needed a contractor that could think and plan outside the box. Mike Burdick worked closely with our staff and gave us a quality, finished project that met our goal. And he stayed under our budget and got the job done on time."
Bill Mahan
President/CEO - Paratransit Services

"Our house was finished on time and within budget. In the course of our seven month project, there were no billing disputes, even minor ones. Mike's craftsmanship is evident throughout our home, Mike took his commitments seriously and we were treated with respect and courtesy. It is without hesitation that we highly recommend Burdick Construction, Inc. "
Tad and Monica Reid

" On January 22, 1998, Burdick Construction, Inc. with the Social Security Administration's highest award for public service for the work he did as contractor for 7,000 square feet of remodeling. The award cited Mr. Burdick's exemplary management of the project. "
Mark Young
Field Office Manger
United State Social Security Administration

" I highly recommend Mike Burdick to anyone considering new home construction or remodeling. In 1988 Mike built my home at Lake Symington. Although I was limited to a modest budget, the same uncompromised quality and attention to detail went into this home's construction as Mike would invest in any one of his "high end" homes. His craftsmanship and reputation preceded him, in both the real estate community and the lending community. Without a doubt, I would ask Mike to built my next home should my husband and I choose to build again. "
Linda Morton

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